Face to Face Service with a Smile.  Serving the District, Maryland, Virginia (DMV) area 

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Weekly workshops and Meet-ups  


The CL Fiber Artist Studio-Shop

Other Services Provided by the Crocheter's Lounge

Crafting and Coaching - Home Schoolers, Baby Boomers and Late Bloomers, Projects with a Purpose. Learn how having a hobby enriches your esteem, and enlightened your Spirit.

Get a Grip, - How to Create a Frugally, Fruitfully, Faithfully and Happily Mindset and Lifestyle.

COMMING SOON - The "Use it", "Fix it" or "Replace it" On-line Consignment Studio-Shop for gently-used arts and crafts projects.  CL is where Fiber Artist and Restores hook-up.

Go from Frivious and Foolish with your funds to Frugal and Fruitful.  Re-learn the True meaning of wealth, as the One Spirit intended you to be. 


Travel to the Road of a Freedom Lifestyle, while running your Bullies (financial, relationships, etc) Off-the-Road and Out of your Life!

Explore free (productive) internet sources for: Law of Attraction, Building and Destroying outdated Belief Systems and Habits, etc.


Live A Funancial /Fundraiser Lifestyle(R) Learn how Saving can be "fun"  

A Coaching Group for Investing in Outer & Inner-Wealth 

- Learn How to Change your Speech, to Change your Life using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

- Learn How to: Make a Habit, Break a Habit, Replace a Habit

-Stop Buying Stuff You Already Have.

-Stash Cash, Not Trash.

-Have Substance instead of Stuff


Yes, We accept Paypal payments to help with refreshments during  day long workshops. 

The Crocheter's Lounge, LLC



Be an Entrepreneurer


Manage your LIFE like a Small Business


You are your Greatest Investment!


Tel: 240-786-5155



The Crocheter's Lounge offers session, workshops and retreats.  Group sessions of two or more is free.  One/on/One sessions there is a minimal fee (Go find a Friend!).  CL service the District, Maryland and Virgina area only. I would love to converse with people all over the world, Face-to-Face, Smile-to-Smile, Energy-to-Energy services are more effective.  

















(Lets meet up for tea or coffee. I love coffee, almost as much as I love my clients)








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