Face to Face Service with a Smile.  Serving the District, Maryland, Virginia (DMV) area 

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Monthly workshops and Meet-ups  


The CL Fiber Artist Studio-Shop

Join our meeting circle that shares: Universal inspirations, Law of Attractions techniques; investing techniques; how to repurpose items; how to be thirfty and not cheap.  Learn strategies for a happy (and early) retirement,   If you are already retired, learn ways to stay retired!

About the Founder and Facilitator

Rev. Sheryl Smith is Founder and Facilitator of the Crocheter's Lounge.  She is an Ordained Interfaith Minister with the One Spirit Alliance, New York, New York.  She is a certified Life Coach and is working on her certification as a Professional Organizer, ready to assist anyone who needs her services.  Sheryl is also an Fiber Artist, (ie. Knitting, Quilting, Embroidery, Weaving and Crocheting).  The Crocheter's Lounge (CL) LLC offers coaching, while crafting, for Home Schoolers, Baby Bloomers, and Late Bloomers.  CL serves as an advocacy group for expression of the Creative Spirit that dwells in all of us.  

Other Services Provided by the Crocheter's Lounge

Crafting and Coaching - Home Schoolers, Baby Boomers and Late Bloomers, Projects with a Purpose. Learn how having a hobby enriches your esteem, and enlightened your Spirit.

COMMING SOON - The "Use it", "Fix it" or "Replace it" On-line Consignment Studio-Shop for gently-used arts and crafts projects.  CL is where Fiber Artists, RePurposers and Restorers hook-up.

Go from Frivious and Foolish with your funds to Frugal and Fruitful.  Re-learn the True meaning of wealth, as the One Spirit intended you to be. 




Live A Funancial Lifestyle(R)  Sharing how Saving can be fun!

(Patent Pending) 

A Meeting/Reading Group for Investing in Your Outer & Inner-Wealth 

Yes, Paypal payments are accepted, not expected to help with refreshments during  day long workshops. 

The Crocheter's Lounge, LLC





You are your Greatest Investment!


Tel: 240-786-5155



The Crocheter's Lounge offers sessions, workshops and retreats, and One/on/One sessions.  CL serves the District, Maryland and Virgina area only. Although, Rev. Sheryl would love to converse with people all over the world. She find Face-to-Face, Smile-to-Smile, Energy-to-Energy services are more effective. CL is mainly support by Rev. Sheryl Smith's Funancial Lifestyle(R) products and services.






(Lets meet up for tea or coffee. I love coffee, almost as much as I love my clients)








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